Mayo Llancares was born in Lima, Peru. She grew up surrounded by colors, paintings, pencils, folios and whatever that helped her tirelessly portray everything that inspired her.

At 19 she moved to Spain with the goal of fulfilling what he always had in mind, being an artist. She began this adventure as a self-taught and continued taking private classes until he managed to begin his formal studies and graduate in Editorial Illustration, but his trip would not end here.

His first work as a freelance is done from Dubai by the creative direction of The Juliet (L.A.) magazine, years later he settled in Ibiza. Among his clients are Mercedes Benz, Smart, Jeep and Alfa Romeo, he has also collaborated with La Maison Blanche and Terrenauto in Ibiza. He currently exhibits his series of Illustrations -TURN ON- in the collective exhibition on eroticism of “O” by Adda Gallery at Paradiso Art Hotel.